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RIP Anthony Julian Munter
July 2nd, 1988- September 7th, 2005

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Latest Site Update [ Wednesday January 4th, 2006 @ 1:26pm (est) ] 

Welcome to our fansite. Our names are Kyle and Rosie. This is our fansite dedicated to the beautiful and talented Swedish/Finnish, former actress, Rebecka Liljeberg. She's left acting and is now studying to be a Children's Doctor. Although she's said that she may return to acting someday. (That would be awesome!)
It won't be the best website, but it will be our little space to show the world our appreciation of this wonderful actress.
Rebecka Liljeberg has starred in such films, as "Fucking Åmål" ("Show Me Love"), "Sherdil" and "Bears Kiss". She is 24 and is married with 2 kids. For more info, please check out her bio and fun facts. For a film/tv/work list, check out her filmography/work page.
 I'm 16 and live in Florida (Kyle) and I'm 15 and I live in Burlington in Canada (Rosie).
My Mum (Kyle) is Swedish and grew up in Sweden, so I've been very fortunate to be able to visit her home often and watch most of Rebecka's films.
We hope to have a lot of our favorite pictures here, graphics and some info too. If you'd like to submit anything or would like to talk, you can email us at rebeckalovesite@yahoo.com and we'll try and email you back as soon as we can.
Most of the pictures we found at Rebecca Liljeberg Online (a new window will open). It's an awesome site, so check it out after you've looked through this site.

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http://www.bravenet.com/ <---a cool place to create guestbooks and other stuff for your website.

We are not Rebecka Liljeberg. We are just a fans. We do not know her personally, so don't email us, asking us if  we're her.
All graphics and collages are © Rebecka LoveKyle and/or Rosie(Rosa) unless stated otherwise. Anything submitted and posted on this site will be given full credit.